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"Outta here"

"The Phillies have lost their voice." Harry the K is now where the greatest people in the world go. My personal role model Harry Kalas is in a better place. with all of his famous homerun calls Harry was truly a legend. 
Its hard to think of it, but this was the perfect time to go. Harry finally got that world series call he always wanted. Truly an inspiration. His ceremony was absolutely beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes."High Hopes" was tremendous. 
Harry was Philadelphia. He was there through it all. Him and Whitey represented Philly so well

Harry Kalas RIP
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Posted on: March 31, 2009 6:00 pm

Chan HO?!?!?

Chan Ho Park has officially been name as the 5th starter of the Philadelphia Phillies. Uh Ho. Literally lol. Park beat out JA Happ which will likley start in triple A.

 Say it ain't So HO


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big ten football preview


Big Ten Football Predictions

Penn State should repeat

They have the easiest non confrence schedule in the big ten (Akron.Syracuse.Temple.Eastern Illinois)

Darrly Clark is returning should be a heisman contender

Evan Royster a top back is returning

 Stephon Green is a Sophmore and will improve.

Even though they lost 3 of the greatest wide outs in penn state history, and lost maurice evans and their sack leader from last year. They are getting Sean Lee who will be a top linebacker. He was injured all last season and will be a top contributor at linebacker U.

Michigan State might not be able to handly losing Javon Ringer.

Illinois was supposed to be a top ten team last year. They Didnt end up being ranked. I know Juice will be better this year but not 2nd

Purdue is losing head coach Joe tiller. This is a huge lost to the team. Also QB Curtis PAinter is leaving due to graduation.

Minnesota had a hell of a year. But I dont think they can jump to third.

Here is my rankings

1. Penn State - Sean Lee is returning (11-2)

2. Ohio State - Even though they lost Beanie Wells Tyrell Pryor will improve. Beloved Recruit Boom Herron will likley start. (10-3)

3. Michigan State. Brian Hoyer and Javon Ringer are both leaving but with good recruiting they can recover. (9-4)

4.  Illionois - Juice Willams will continue to develop into a decent quarterback (8-5)

5. Michigan - Good recruiting on this young team will only get better (8-5)

6. Northwestern - good season last year looking to improve even more (7-6)

7. Minnesota - they went from 1-11 season to 7-6 a huge improvement. Might be a minor setback this season (7-6)

8. Iowa - Shon Greene is gone they will struggle without him (6-7)

9.Indiana They will be just as bad as in football as they are in basketball (6-7) Surprised

10. Wisconsin - They will struggle a lot this season (6-7)

11. Purdue - Joe tiller and QB Curtis Painter are gonee (2-10)


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